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Welcome to Unity

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Welcome to Unity


Imagine how crazy things may get when you put seven international exchange students, including two kids from Muslim backgrounds, into a Christian home in Unity, Oregon - a small rural American town.  Literally filmed by a group of high schoolers and their community, this documentary captures the exchange students learning to live the ‘American Way’ as they sink their teeth into rural Oregon, and become the stars of their high school football team.  A heart-warming film that reminds both adults and their children that tolerance and love can occur in the most unlikely of places, and that stereotypes can be defied.  Watch as Unity, Oregon reminds us all what UNITY can look like, as both the exchange students and the Americans become a global family.

Directed by: Katharine Mahalic

"... touching and hilarious ” - SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

"...they got to crux of what makes them individuals and human beings.” - THE BLAZE


Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Best Documentary - Adult Jury Award

Best Documentary - Children's Jury Award


Chicago International Children's Film Festival

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