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In search of transcendence through stone skipping, an idealistic drifter (Chris Roberti, featured on High Maintenance, Broad City, and the upcoming The Outside Story) arrives in a quiet lakeside town. Facing resistance from unimpressed locals, and pursued by members of his former skipping crew, he is forced to consider the merit of his lifelong quest.

Directed by: Aaron Wertheimer

Starring: Chris Roberti, Kenny Zimlinghaus, Kate Villanova

"A rather unusual little comedy that weaves together a sort of dry soulfulness amidst its absurdist humor... The film's ensemble cast is admirably up for Wertheimer's weird mix of humor, sentimentality and Zen." -THEINDEPENDENTCRITIC.COM

"A touching meditation on the competing pulls of desire and necessity." - REVIEW MAGAZINE


"Don’t worry if it becomes difficult to tell what to take seriously and what to laugh at in Skippers, that is the point... It becomes tempting to drift into the majestic dream sequences and poetic voice-overs that highlight the skipping stones flying around." - REEL CHICAGO

"Beyond the humor, there are some surprisingly emotional scenes." - DELTA COLLEGIATE


Adirondack Film Festival

Best Feature Film


Benton Park Film Festival

Best of Show

Best Feature Film

Best Screenplay

Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival 

Best Feature Film 

Ginny Award for Inspiration, Creativity & Imagination


Windy City International Film Festival

Nominee: Best Feature Film


Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival

Windy City International Film Festival

Indy Film Festival

Manhattan Film Festival

Borrego Springs Film Festival

Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival

Adirondack Film Festival

Central Michigan International Film Festival

Benton Park Film Festival

Sunscreen Film Festival