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Olympia - A journey through life with McKenzie Chinn

Chicago area commercial actress and filmmaker McKenzie Chinn, creates an undeniably compelling story with her first feature film “Olympia”.

Chinn’s tale, inspired by her own question of what it means to make the transition into true adulthood, takes us on a journey of self-discovery with the main character of Olympia who is dealing with a dying mother, a loving and committed boyfriend, and making momentous decisions. Chinn’s vividly centered artistry shines through her layered characters, integrating graphic art and insightful humor as we are drawn into the character and struggle of Olympia.

We laugh as we identify with her and feel the pain of walking in her shoes while she makes her own unique journey through life. 

Pamela Powell met McKenzie to talk about Olympia. Read the full interview here.

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