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Olympia Welles (McKenzie Chinn) has to make a choice. Her roommate has moved out, leaving her to cover rent on an apartment she can’t afford, her career as an artist has stalled before ever taking off, and her mother is sick in the hospital. Now, her oldest friend, and her boyfriend (Charles Andrew Gardner) too, are starting new careers that threaten to take them far away. On the cusp of 30, everything around Olympia is changing. Now she has to decide if she’s going to change with it, or get left behind.

Directed by: Gregory Dixon

Starring: McKenzie Chinn, Charles Andrew Gardner, Ericka Ratcliff

Olympia will be premiering March 6, 2020 on Aspire TV!


Benton Park Film Festival

Best Director

Best Actress

Best Original Score

Garden State Film Fest

Best Score



Black Film Festival of New Orleans 2018

TIDE Film Festival 2018

L.A. Film Festival 2018

Chicago International Film Festival 2018

Chicago Comedy Film Festival 2018

Riverrun International Film Festival 2018

Pan African Film Festival 2019

Toronto Black Film Fest 2019

Beloit International Film Fest 2019

Garden State Film Fest 2019

Benton Park Film Festival 2019

Bentonville Film Festival 2019

Capital City Film Festival 2019

Washington, DC International Film Festival 2019

Dallas Independent Film Festival 2019

Film Fest 52 2019

Julian Dubuque International Film Festival 2019

Monadnock International Film Festival 2019

National Black Film Festival 2019

New Haven International Film Festival 2019

Omaha Film Festival 2019

Portugal International Film Festival 2019

Twister Alley Film Festival 2019

Toronto Black Film Festival 2019

The Women's Film Festival 2019

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