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Love in Moreno Valley

Love in Moreno Valley


As both James (Jack Seavor McDonald) and Abe (Jaire Bowen) try to escape the stresses of their single parent homes in the Inland Empire, the Christian high school they attend becomes a stage for their comedic antics and romantic fantasies to play out. This is problematic for their peculiar, conservative school principal Mr. Durante (Paul Tirado), who, like all the characters in the movie, is struggling to get things done.

Directed by: Steven Huffaker

Starring: John EnnisJack Seavor McDonaldJaire Bowen

“ doesn’t fall into using the well-worn cliches that are typical of teen films: proms, sex, and wild parties.” - DANIELLE SOLZMAN, SOLZY AT THE MOVIES


Los Angeles IFS Film Fest

Best Supporting Actor

Chicago Comedy Film Festival

Best Director


Los Angeles IFS Film Fest

Chicago Comedy Film Festival

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