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The future seems uncertain for recent college graduate Ginger Mathis. Her English lit degree hasn’t miraculously scored her a publishing deal, and her part-time job isn’t making a dent in her student loans (or getting her pushy mother off her back). The only thing Ginger knows for sure is that she feels lost trying to navigate adulthood, let alone find her life’s purpose. And her recent breast cancer diagnosis certainly doesn’t ease that anxiety.

Directed by: Jimmy Boratyn, Melissa Boratyn

Starring: Susan Gordan, Meghan Flood, Frankie Weschler


Unrestricted View Film Festival

Official Selection

Best Foreign Feature Film

Kansas City Film Fest International

Official Selection


Queens World Film Festival

Official Selection

World Humanitarian Award

Beloit International Film Festival

Official Selection

Best Illinois Feature

Flathead Lake International Cinemafest

Official Selection

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Female Actor

Beach Cities Inspirational Film Festival

Official Selection

Lady Filmmaker's Festival

Official Selection

Best of the Festival

Jelly Film Festival


World of Women Film Fair Middle East


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