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Dear Coward on the Moon


A woman (Ashley Shelton) is forced to confront her past when her nine-year-old sister runs away after discovering a family secret.

Directed by: Carol Brandt, director of SXSW film Pet Names

Starring:  Linds EdwardsCharla BocchicchioAshley Shelton

“...beautifully shot and has a great cast... The actresses do a great job of showing us what they are feeling without having to say anything...” - MILWAUKEEMOVIETALK.COM

“...the talent involved, from its two leads to the confident direction of writer-director Carol Brandt, indicates a talent that will continue to rise.” - CULTUREDVULTURES.COM  


St. Paul Frozen Film Festival

Best Feature Drama


MKE Film Festival 2017

Weyauwega International Film Festival 2017

Milwaukee Film Festival 2017

Manhattan Film Festival 2018

St. Paul Frozen Film Festival 2018

Dear Coward on the Moon
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