Community Theater Christmas

A community theater competes for a state grant that is needed to keep the doors of the theater open. Meanwhile, they race to get their first, original Christmas play up and running while everything falls apart.

Directed by: Melissa Vitello

Starring: IsaBeall Quella, Adrienne Rose White, Beau Brians, Elizabeth Alan, Dan Peña, Koni McCurdy, Marissa Pistone, Adam Weber, Carl Garcia, Annie Treux, Ashley Gianni, Venmc, Sid Noelle, Jay Phoenix, Veronica Wylie, Jo Crandall, Stacy Synder, Gabe Arredondo, Griffin Hollander, Michael Tari, Lindsay McGee, Darlene Hubanks, Leila Otey, Sue Koury, Janelle Williams, Brit Trydal


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