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Chicago Heights

Nathan Walker (Andre Truss) is a young man living in Chicago Heights, Illinois, many miles south of downtown Chicago. He finds himself entwined every day in the lives of his neighbors. They're polite, friendly, down-to-earth people. But in any community, individuals have their own private passions that their neighbors will never know. Each has a dark secret, a disappointed dream, a fervent hope, a spirit-breaking fear. We accompany Nathan while he comes of age and observe with him as the layers fall away from this seemingly random array of ordinary people who, below their practiced, Christian surfaces, are extraordinarily human.

Directed by: Danieal Nearing

Starring: Andre Truss, Keisha Dyson, Gerrold Johnson, Benny Stewart, William Gray, Ron Jarmon Jr., Michaele Nicole, Simone Wilson, James Barbee, Jason Coleman

“[They] took my favorite book of all time, which is almost universally understood to be

unadaptable, and made a magnificent film out of it.” - Michael W. Phillips, Jr.

“This stunning adaptation of Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio... is an aesthetic

and political knockout… both profoundly affecting on its own right and as a beau ideal of

detournement.” - Monica Westin, Flavorpill

“poetic and haunting” – Sergio Mims, Shadow and Act: On Media of the African Diaspora

“a gorgeously photographed, beautifully scored tour de force.” – Marty Rubin, The Gene

Siskel Film Center


Black International Cinema Berlin 2010

Best Film in a Fine Arts Discipline

Black Harvest Film Festival 2010

Official Selection

San Francisco Black Film Festival 2010

Official Selection

Montreal Black Film Festival 2010

Official Selection

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