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Banana Season

Banana Season tells the story of one pivotal point in time for two individuals in the endless season of their lives. Peter is a little person with a big dream – to fly like the bird species his dwarfish body most closely resembles. An artist and creator, Peter is hired to paint the town’s water tower, a place he comes to see as his very own perch in which to take flight. 

Sun, Peter’s unlikely best friend, is a talented cage fighter. He loves the energy and excitement of the fight but finds inflicting harm on others more unbearable than just absorbing the pain himself. He continues to lose match after match, until he meets and falls in love with Briana, whose one request – that Sun win for her – has consequences neither of them could have imagined.  

A tale of true love, friendship and taking flight, Banana Season is a glimpse into the lives of ordinary souls, all at the point in their lives when they flower or fade. 

Directed by: Sanghoon Lee

Starring: James Kyson, Pancho Moler, Bernann Stacker, Eve Rydberg

“This film is beautifully shot, deftly acted, fun, funny, heartbreaking, and truly one of the

most diverse films we’ve had the pleasure of watching.” - WGN Radio


Bentonville Film Festival

Lighthouse International Film Festival

San Francisco Independent Film Festival

Beloit International Film Festival

Riverside International Film Festival

Covellite International Film Festival

Windy City Film Festival

Chicago Southland International Film Festival

Gig Harbor Film Festival

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