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Back at the Staircase


In the midst of preparing for a celebration of charges being dropped against her youngest daughter, family matriarch Barbara suffers a violent tumble that leaves her hospitalized and comatose. So what originally was a coming together under the auspices of celebration instead becomes a tense vigil for the five relatives who connect at the family cabin: sisters Margaret and Trish (Mickey O'Hagan and Jennifer Lafleur), nephews Phillip and Ian (Stephen Plunkett and Logan Lark), and Ian's girlfriend Jody (Leonora Pitts). Not knowing how long they'll be forced to spend in each other's company as they await news, we watch as the screws are slowly and expertly turned on this so-called family, bringing the tension to both unbearable and wholly believable levels.

Directed by: Drew Britton

Starring:  Jennifer Lafleur, Stephen Plunkett, Mickey O'Hagan, Leonora Pitts, Logan Lark, Heather LaVine


Slamdance Film Festival 2018

Ashland Independent Film Festival 2018

Milwaukee Film Festival 2018

Weyauwega International Film Festival 2018

Beloit International Film Festival 2018

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