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An artist gains the power to draw the future and erase the past. He uses it to win the lottery and gain his dream job. When faced with a test of his relationship, he learns the power can also erase the past. But that change has chilling consequences. 

Directed by: Logan Hall

Starring: Levenix Riddle, McKenzie Chinn, Geno Walker

"...absolutely gorgeous animation and fine performances from the two leads and the supporting cast." - CHICAGO SUN TIMES

"...Screenwriter Roberta Jones wisely pushes her narrative past the confines of genre and into more emotional territory." - CHICAGO READER REVIEW 

"...will captivate the minds and hearts of viewers, having them ponder the age-old concepts of love, loss and what it means to live life to the fullest. - SCREEN MAGAZINE


Black Harvest Film Festival 2018 

Los Angeles Indie Film Festival

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Fest

American Black Film Festival

DC Black Film Festival


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